Warehouse Logistics & Management

We support you in all processes related to your shipments and deliveries and help you establishing the link between production and distribution. An optimal warehousing solution enables you to handle deliveries and returns promptly and provides you with the necessary overview of status, products, etc. in real time.


Efficiency and Overview - The Challenges of Warehousing


Increasing your efficiency and revenue are key to a successful warehousing solution. Warehousing is a challenging and complex operation where many factors have to be considered:

  • Inventory management

  • Supply chain management

  • Integration of (existing) IT solutions

  • Demand planning & possible future expansions

  • Security issues


As a 3PL provider, we currently also have fulfillment centers in seven locations throughout Europe: Berlin, Valencia (Spain), Bolzano Athens, Nicosia, Ruse (Bulgaria) and Budapest.


Easybiz - Our App Solution for Your Warehouse Management

Gain a whole new range of benefits when working with the Biz Warehouse Management Local Application, Easybiz! More Locations within Europe, better Demand Planning, Improved Security and Reduced Operational Expenses.

Easybiz is an app for Warehousing and Stock Management plus Shipping. That means you can check what is going on with all deliveries (tracking etc.) plus provide us with new updates etc. (New delivery details and more, cancellations and more)

Easybiz is offered in two separate versions. One available for clients (Easybiz FC) and one for potential partners (Easybiz FP) allowing them to be a member of our European Network.


Let us help you in achieving cost-efficiency, managing and scaling your warehousing and distribution!