1 Year Partnership with Omest Logistics

At Biz Courier & Logistics we are celebrating our one-year successful partnership with our Official Partner from Italy, Austria and France, Omest Logistics.

OMEST stands for Motivation, Commitment, Effort, Service and Interaction

Omest Logistics and Biz Courier Logistics CEO´s Mr. Patrick Stampfer and Mr. Paul Duff share a long-term friendship and have done business together in the past. 2019 was the opportunity for them both to take their partnership to the next level. Throughout 2019 their joint venture supported the successful fulfillment and delivery of 92,500 orders in Italy, Austria and France. 52,000 of those orders were assigned to Biz Courier & Logistics throughout the last trimester of 2019, a fact that indicates that more and more customers are signing up with Biz in order to get their orders delivered in Italy, Austria and France!

Omest Logistics is also the proud owner and developer of www.europacco.com, an online portal based in Bolzano, Italy, offering package or pallet collection from your home or business address and delivery everywhere in Europe. Through collaboration with the best courier and transport companies, they are able to offer a tailor-made service with very attractive conditions. Europacco.com enjoys an outstanding 4.40 Google Review! An astonishing result deriving from more than 8,000 customer reviews.

Omest and Biz share the same ideals and culture when dealing with customers and their common service. They also apply the same protocols as those of Biz, when dealing with procedures and quality controls. Last, but not least, all Order Fulfillment Activities and Warehouse Management Services are supported by the Easybiz Software Solutions, all developed internally by Biz Courier & Logistics.

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8 Year Partnership with Asmen Logistics

Celebrating an 8 year long cooperation with our Official Partner for Spain and Portugal, Asmen Logistics! A trusted member of our Biz EU Network, Biz and Asmen together have fulfilled and delivered over 1.500.000 orders of Biz Courier & Logistic’s clients. Asmen fulfills all incoming orders and manages its Warehouses via our WMS and Fulfillment application EasyBiz FP.

Asmen & BizCourier celebrating an 8 year long cooperation

Asmen Logistics is an official agent of the Spanish Last Mile Delivery company Tip-sa Mensajeria and enjoys an extremely high percentage of customer satisfaction by providing high quality delivery services for its customers in both Spain and Portugal. If you are planning to deliver your goods in Spain and Portugal and you need a reliable fulfillment provider, you are in the right place! Click below and join the e-commerce revolution now!

Interview on Skai TV

Our CEO Paul Duff was invited to give a TV interview on the Show “Small and Medium Business News” with Nikos Ypofantis on Skai TV. Biz Courier was honored to participate as an Order Fulfillment and Courier provider that’s successful abroad! Biz Courier provides FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) alternative services in 16 European Union countries, courier services and a wide range of software solutions to its customers. As a trusted partner, Vodafone supports Biz Courier with its Fleet Control (Fleet Control and Monitoring) program and a lot of other solutions, vital to its day-to-day operations.

You can see the video clip online here:

Interview on Skai TV 

Don’t shoot the messenger!

When selling online via Cash on Delivery

When dealing with Cash on Delivery, more often than not the shipping, courier or fulfillment companies get the blame or for a high RTO (Return to Origin) percentage of their client’s consignments. The quality of their service or the choice of their delivery partner is scrutinized and questioned heavily.

In our business getting the blame for an SDP (Successful Delivery Percentage) of Cash on Delivery orders below 70% is a common thing. Despite the fact that we fulfill and ship on the same day  the majority of orders we receive from our customers  (the exact timeframes may differ from country to country), despite the fact we enable many ways of pre alerting and following up with consignees (SMS messages, emails, follow up phone calls) and offer sophisticated tracking tools for consignees to view what time their order was packed, what products were packed, modify delivery time and date, we are still in some cases, witnesses of low conversion rates when dealing with Cash on Delivery orders.

All mentioned above does not imply that if you sell products online, offering Cash on Delivery as an option, you will not reach a high SDP (above 70% is believed to be satisfactory) but that if reviewing the SPD of your first sales you realize that your RTO is high, it does not mean that you should pick a fight with your fulfillment or last mile provider or even attempt to switch to another. Indeed, such a spontaneous reaction may probably lead to disruption and further costs for no reason.

It is true, however, that a low-quality fulfillment service or a bad quality last mile provider service could lead to a higher RTO percentage than anticipated. If your provider does not fulfill the orders within the promised timetables (when dealing with Cash on Delivery orders, every minute counts!) or cooperates with last mile providers that do not deliver within the promised timetables or offer sufficient tracking information or customer support to the consignees, you could see your SDP lowering a few units. 
But what is the case when in general terms your providers quality of service is above average? We often hear from clients that buyers have justified their refusal to accept an order due to an impolite delivery driver, due to the failure of a driver to fulfill a tight delivery schedule or even due to the fact they could not perform a 3rd delivery attempt or even did not have change on him to give back to them. 

Imagine if you have placed an order demanding a Cash on Delivery option for a pair of shoes you are eager to buy or for basic household products, products that are a necessity. If the driver was not at your doorstep as early as you wanted or if he lacked manners or even if you were absent upon the first delivery attempt and you were told that the second time you had to wait home a little longer, would you reject the order or avoid receiving  it? Mostly likely no. You might choose not to order from the same provider next time or choose to file a complaint towards the courier company; nonetheless, more than likely you would not refuse the delivery of a placed order that easily. But what if it was a product you chose to purchase spontaneously and upon second thoughts you realized it was not that important for you to have? If it did not arrive on your doorstep “tout suite” , such as 1 to 2 days after placing the order, you could easily change your mind or just make up a quick excuse to get rid of the annoying person who called or messaged to remind you that your shipment is on its way. What if the buyer had not verified your address and personal data properly; thereby causing a delay until the courier company managed this issue? Probably as the days go by, you will realize you don’t need it that much.

In our company’s history we have indeed had to deal with cases of last mile delivery providers that scored lower SPD’s than others. We were witnesses of situations in which working with 2 different last mile delivery providers in the same country (express courier companies) the SDP for consignments of the same client and for his exact same products had a 7% difference. The last mile delivery provider scoring the lowest SDP was in a state of rapid and aggressive expansion and during that process was not delivering his promised services.

It is true that there is always room for improvement and as the owner of the branded delivery company Biz Courier I have set some criteria that some of the other larger delivery brands are not interested in following or are not able to due to the size of their companies. It is also a fact, that some last mile providers do not believe much in the Cash on Delivery option on account of when dealing with a buyer who has already paid for his purchase, he tends to be more cooperative. This means that in most cases the first delivery attempt will be enough or the option of picking up from a nearby location, will be a key element in achieving a successful delivery. Courier companies do not appreciate the fact they have to attempt the same delivery two or three times. Who can really blame them when such actions increase their costs dramatically? 
Certainly, by this article I am not recommending e-commerce businesses to drop Cash on Delivery as a provided option to their clients. I would encourage them however not to depend solely on this option. Depending on the market they intend to sell to, COD can be more or less popular. E.g. in Italy and Greece, it still is a popular option. As time goes by though, banks are gaining more and more ground by providing their clients with well-developed tools connected to their smart phones and the use of ‘plastic money’ as it is known, is getting more and more common, not only to the younger generation  but also to the older.

If you are planning to sell in the UK or in Germany, I wouldn’t depend solely on a Cash on Delivery option for sure. Another important factor is the business model and commercial practice of a retailer. What you sell and how you sell it matters!

To conclude, working with a provider who offers you a Cash on Delivery service can definitely boost your sales and in some markets, it’s still considered to be the basic way to trade online. However, do not depend solely on Cash on Delivery and should your RTO percentage be higher than expected or raising your costs to non-cost effective or unaffordable levels, then you probably need to check how your orders are being approved and if you have all the necessary data in order for your provider to give you the best of his service by shipping fast and accurately. 

Paul A. Duff

Interview on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Our CEO Paul Duff was invited to give a TV interview on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria together with Dimitrov Svetlozar, the CEO of our Bulgarian partner Inout Trade. They talk about which advantages fulfillment services have for online businesses and why the Bulgarian market is especially important for Biz Courier & Logistics.

You can see the video clip online here (in Bulgarian):

Interview on Bloomberg TV

Partnership with Inout Trade

Why finding the right partners to do business with is very important.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our new partner in Bulgaria, InOut Trade, their Managing Partner Dimitrov Svetlozar and his lovely team, for all their hard work and dedication put in these few last days.

It has been an honor to be given the opportunity to present our business, to many of the key players of the Bulgarian e-commerce industry through Darik Radio, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria and through the event that took place in the heart of Sofia.

Bulgaria has always been a country that has a special place in my heart as it was the first that provided me with loyal customers helping Biz to grow to what it is today. A European Fulfillment Network that has delivered more than 3.000.000 orders within the past 3 years. Over than 90% percent of these orders were fulfilled by our contracted warehouses in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary etc.

InOut Trade has so far proven its commitment to our vision. A vision to provide a qualitative, fast, simple and economic service to any e-commerce business that wants to get its goods delivered to the door of every citizen in the European Union. Further to their commitment, they have incorporated all those elements that are necessary to support such a vision. Elements such as the Biz IT infrastructure (WMS software, Software Systems Integration with the domestic last mile delivery companies, Clients local application Easybiz etc.) and our Business Protocol combined with InOut Trade’s experience and willingness to maintain a high customers satisfaction and retention rate.

I am extremely happy for this partnership and also very positive, that it will open new horizons to the Bulgarian e-commerce business.

Paul Duff

Radio Interview at Radio Darik in Bulgaria

In January, our CEO Paul Duff was interviewed by the Bulgarian Radio station Radio Darik together with Dimitrov Svetlozar, owner and founder of Inout Trade, our new Bulgarian partner. 

They discussed questions that are central to expansion and growth in new markets:

  • Which is the easiest way to grow your business in a new country or region?
  • What is the right decision –  to copy your business model into a new and unfamiliar country with unknown laws and regulations or simply choose the right local partner for you?

The interview was conducted in Bulgarian with a translator, with Paul giving the the answers in English. You can hear the whole interview here: https://darikradio.bg/lider-na-grackia-logistichen-pazar-izbra-balgarski-partnor.html#parent=search

TV appearance at the show “Prosanatolismoi”

On December 18th, 2018, our CEO Paul Duff was invited to the TV show “Prosanatolismoi”, to discuss the successful developments in his company. 

We would like to thank the Prosanatolismoi one more time for its great hospitality!

You can see the video clip online here (in Greek):

New Office Space for Biz Courier & Logistics

Our new and modern office and logistics premises in Koropi were completed by QPROJECT:

The transformation of the old warehouse into a modern and functional office is a stunning transformation. Our signature colours, bright blue and orange, were used for glass panels and walls. The construction is focussed on letting in natural light, the use of glass panels allows for easy communication between our co-workers. With a new and stunning meeting room and furniture in natural wood, we are enthusiastic about the transformation and motivated to work on our upcoming projects!