To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one

To this day, the Biz Brand represents a group of companies: Biz Courier in Athens, Biz Logistics in Athens also and Biz Courier & Logistics LTD in Dublin.
First to be founded out of the three was Biz Courier in 2005 in Athens. Its founder and current CEO of Biz Courier & Logistics LTD, Paul Karavounarlis (Paul Duff), originated from The United Kingdom, but was raised in Greece throughout his adolescence, launched his business by setting up his office at home and carrying out deliveries and pay collections for a small group of clients with his own personal Aprilia Pegasus 650cc motorbike.

Based on his customers’ loyalty and his undivided determination to succeed, Paul committed himself to progressing his business into a reliable domestic courier company. In this process, he realized support was vital. Therefore, he employed his first co-workers – many of whom still work at Biz. Within (years), Biz Courier has offered its clients exquisite services all around Greece.

The aftermath of the 2008’s financial crisis shocked the local economy and Biz Courier looking to expand its services was presented with a demanding challenge: The challenge of providing efficient, cost-effective, service-driven fulfillment services to a new foreign entity aiming to enter the Greek market. The sudden growth of E-commerce was a significant factor that accelerated the further development of Biz’s Fulfillment Services.

By 2011, Biz had not only already remained strong facing the adversities mentioned above, but also, within six months of 2011, Biz had expanded its network now offering its services in Cyprus. Thanks to Biz teams’ hard work, our company had acquired an official partner for the Spanish market by the fall of 2012.

At that point, the importance of evolving our working process prevailed. Following this direction, Biz implemented new technologies and software and by the end of 2014, expanded to Italy.

Our network at present is warehousing products, fulfilling orders in Athens, Valencia, Bolzano, Berlin, Nicosia, Ruse and Nagytarcsa. Deliveries for these fulfilled orders are realized in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and Bulgaria. We are planning by the end of 2019 to have covered 75% of the European Union’s destinations.

Our companies primary goal is to provide instant access to E-commerce businesses from all over the world to as many European markets possible. That combined with the development of useful software and web tracking tools, precise multi product fulfillment services and quality courier delivery services. Our incentive to this goal is our pioneering approach, a desire to be a groundbreaking experience to our clients by giving them the tools to get their products to markets they never thought they could before, without wasting their valuable time and without the necessity to spend money on resources that would otherwise be too expensive to be viable for their business.